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Your Unique Voice
Your daydreamed Vision
for your Social Media content
free your visibility + free your connection + free your heart
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Beaming with joy at the sight of you here—hola, hi!

I'm Susan Mar

The dreamer behind A Second of Whimsey walking the calling in her heart, following her 'someday wish', inspiriting you to go for yours along with me. Love the ocean? me too, any body of water and you'll find me mesmerized looking at it!

Also, the face behind A Second of Whimsey—a multi-passionate creative, lover of Friends reruns, dreamer of living by the sea, and in case you need some uplifting; I've been called everyone's "cheerleader"! *grins*

And guess what?! I've made something thinking of you, something to help you animate Social Media posts in the blink of an eye— that you, and your people, will love. *wink-wink*


Moving Bakgrounds

for your social media

+ Free your visibility
+ Free your connection
+ Free your heart

— SHOP —

Limited Edition Signature Collection,"Blushed"

" Your cheeks will be blushed from all that attention"

I created
A Second of Whimsey
thinking of you...


"By the resistance
to having to show our face
to stay relevant"

One day after saying to my husband: “but-but-but… I don’t want to put on makeup and do my hair just to record a video for Insta-Stories”


The biggest "secret" I've learned after 7+ years of being on Instagram:

*Whispers*: opening connection with other humans around the world—as a first step to go for your dreams—will part clouds for you that you didn’t even know they were clouded in the first place.

What are they?

They are short & sweet videos for Instagram Stories you can use as “backgrounds”; so you can add something on top: text, a photo, cute GIFs perhaps—The sky’s the limit!

{Forever yours—*cough* not like an App that you don't own *cough* }

How to use them?

Open Insta-Stories {or any other video-friendly App} + select + add something on top + share. Use them to announce a new post, ask a question, or tell about that next thing you are about to release. 

{THEN, watch the spellbindingness happen! *claps excitedly*}
" Seconds that move even introverted hearts, to kindred-connect and be seen"
— Moving Wallpapers —


Mini Collection

Leaving In one, two, three! Bye-bye, get them before they are gone f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

The Cherry Blossoms Mini-Collection


Did you felt that? a gentle breeze blowing pink soft ruffles dancing in the air… just as you walked by.
Oh là là!


*wipes tears*

“These animated Instagram story videos are so beautifully captivating, and the quality is outstanding! I know this set will be the first of many that I purchase from Susan!”


Feeling like your content gets lost?

The Moving Backgrounds for your Social Media were made thinking of you.

"The Moving Backgrounds exist to help even introverted hearts, wishing someday build something for themselves—to live their ‘someday’ today."

The Moving Cards for your Instagram Stories

They are Photoshop Templates, just make them your own with a video or photo and they are good to go! Not a Pro in Photoshop? no worries, they include step-by-step, easy to follow instructions.


Want To Feel Inspired?

You've come to right place!


IG Design Advice

“The Spellbinding Potion” essence, is a very basic understanding on how the human eye receives and process information in a more relaxed and pleasing way. Basically, so your content is more liked…

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