Hi Kindred Spirit!
The inspiration you were looking for, is here. Take your shoes off, make yourself at home... the kettle, is on.
Hi Kindred Spirit!
You were looking for—is here...



IG Design Advice

Wondering how I came up with this composition? I mean, to create the photo next these words. Keep on reading to uncover my never-shared before “potion” to Attract & Enchant your people on Instagram Stories—Now yours!

“The Spellbinding Potion” essence is a very basic understanding on how the human eye receives and process information in a more relaxed and pleasing way. Basically, so:

∙Your content is more liked. As simple as that.

I’m putting on my Graphic-Designer’s-hat and years of experience to highlight this: defining key elements to create aesthetically pleasing and balanced Instagram Stories will…

I know this is something I’ve been instinctively putting into practice since I was in the 6th grade when I figured I could make tiny handmade “box-cards” with gifts hiding inside for my friends to make them happy— before my 12 yr old self could even understand, what I was actually doing…