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Cheeky Bloom Swing – Sketch Style


Take your pick, the version of the classic Cheeky Bloom Swing Sketch Style comes in watercolor paper or coconut milk background, sure to make a great basic you can turn into pretty much anything. Use Canva or Photoshop Desktop to add a layer in your brand color, set this baby on Multiply or Screen mode and voila; a new on-brand piece!



Take a Peek

Watch the animation in action, they are the same in every color— click + play!


15-second video clips
that move even introverted heartsto kindred connect and be seen”

+ Free your visibility
+ Free your connection
+ Free your heart

Technical Details

This listing is for 1 Moving Background (choose your color above), ready-to-use, 15-second video clip that you can use as a background, as a template, or as a base to create your own original content. 

Animation: Same in all colors.
Product type:
Digital File
Video duration: 15 seconds
Video dimensions: 1080 x 1920 px
File kind: MP4
License: Not for resale nor distribution, can appear in commercial activities.

Please note: Slight variation in colors are expected, depending on your monitor/device settings. High-resolution video quality without watermarks will be provided at the moment of purchase.

Need Inspiration?

The sky's the limit!

Additional information


Ink + Coconut Milk, Ink + Watercolor Paper


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