Cherry Blooms {Gray Background}


Because your Instagram friends wouldn’t skip a Spellbindingness like this *winks*

Up your views on Instagram Stories by sharing your thoughts, favorite quotes or ask a question with a Spellbinding Moving Background. Open directly on Insta-Stories or in any other video-editor App, even Photoshop! And yes, they are animated, want to see it? Scroll down below.

They are just missing your words!

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"The Dream Peonies Collection"


Close your eyes and dream about pink-soft-ruffles dancing in the air… just as you walk by *wink*

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For demonstration purposes, this is a low-resolution sample of the Moving Background included in this listing. High-resolution video quality will be provided to you at the moment of purchase.  Please note: Quality of video may vary depending on internet bandwidth.

Cherry Blooms {Gray Background}

1 Moving Background for your Instagram Stories; ready-to-go!


1 Moving Background for your Instagram Stories

Featuring a sweet and short animation with hand-drawn watercolor Cherry Blossom petals floating around… on a soft sand colored texture.

“Waaa! it’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything!” Sounds familiar? Share your thoughts,  favorite quote, ask a Question or Poll { 😃 yes!} with a ready to use Spellbinding Moving Background for your Instagram Storiesthey are just missing your words!

Open directly on Instagram Stories {or in any other video-editor App, even Photoshop!}, to ask a question, they are just missing your words!

  • In the form of 15 sec video animated files
  • Sized for Instagram Stories
  • Conveniently muted
Please note: slight variation in color are expected, depending on your monitor/device settings.
  • Product type: Digital File
  • Video duration: 15 seconds
  • Video Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 px
  • File Kind: MP4
  • File Size: 8.7MB 
  • Language: English
  • Compatible with any video editing software
  • Universal for any phone
  • Not for resale nor distribution

They are conveniently ready-to-use 15 second long video animated files to be upload as a background or template on your Insta-Stories, featuring short and sweet animations made to Spellbind your viewers.

The Moving Backgrounds for your Instagram Stories are digital files, available to you at the moment of purchase. You can open them directly to Insta Stories or any other video editing App. Got Photoshop skills? make them extra fancy in there!

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