Hi, Hola!

Congrats on getting your Moving Backgrounds!

Scroll down to find tips + inspiration. First things first though: Download here your licensing agreement

You’ll love making scroll-stopping motions!


1. Want to have the Moving Backgrounds on your Phone?

If you are having trouble downloading directly to your phone (some phones won’t allow it), you can send an email to yourself with the Moving Backgrounds attached, or as a text message.

Or my fav way: using Dropbox, Google Drive or Files.

2. Can't find the videos on your phone?

Create a folder on your phone, and save them there, it will make future access super easy.

Phones tend to save documents in chronological order so I’ve found creating folders and save what I need there makes things easier. Then from whatever App you are using (when selecting content), look for a way to choose the folder you need, and ta-daaa! easy peasy. 

Tip: Save them all into a folder in your camera roll. 

3. How to use them?

Your Moving Backgrounds are video loops you can use like you’ll do with any video. 

What makes them different is that they are built to be used as a background, to give that extra magic, and enhance your message in the blink of an eye. 

One of my fave ways to use them is on Canva  or Apps like Unfold; just use your MB as a background and create something on top. 

Tips: Video generates 1200% more shares than both images and text so keep that in mind while creating.


Some Inspiration?

Watch this video for favorite animation Apps (and keep an eye on your inbox for more tutorials, tips, and tricks).

Then... Watch the Spellbindiness happen!