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"the Spellbinding Potion"

My never-shared before "potion" to Attract & Enchant your people on Instagram StoriesNow yours!

Read It While It's Unlocked!


My never-shared before "potion" to Attract & Enchant your people on Instagram StoriesNow yours!

Because in a world where...

It's easier to binge watch Stories while brushing our teeth than to actively engage on Instagram—what if ? We could convert those views into: more reaching your right kind of people?

Wouldn't That Be A Relief? a time & energy saver...

My Kindred Spirit, let me repeat that: to SAVE TIME and ENERGY. As an introvert that *needs* time to recharge after interacting with others... I value my levels of energy *so much*! and I'm reinforcing here because I know you will get this:

Taking photos, editing, curating your gallery, post and then THE back and forth interacting… in a way that lets be honest, not all of it is as meaningful as we wish it were {hello “this is pretty” and heart emojis *covers eyes*}; it takes so much of us that we could actually be using to be more present with our loved ones, to gather new ideas, to work on something that’ll bring more direct results to our goals/businesses.

Due to the more private, one-on-one Stories nature, by putting out more of them and exchanging DM’s …

We are removing the noise and pouring ourselves into the connections that matter the most, educating the algorithm to not only bump up our content to the people that actually wants to hear from us but also by pushing it to more people like them {thanks algorithm!}; saving us from feeling drained at the end of it all. Offering a relief.

Plus, think of the ways we could repurpose the content to IGTV {a medium that not many are taking advantage of!} and populate your Highlights with easier to digest content.

This is why "The Spellbinding Potion" was born, to help you get one step closer to give your burnout-self a break.

To this day there are 6 ways to reach our people/market/connect on IG: the I'm-used-to-only-using-you main grid, Highlights, Stories, IGTV, DM's and going Live. And guess what?, you don't actually have to keep centering your attention on the good-old-grid if its not serving you anymore, you also don't have to use them all. You can choose the ways that better fit you—your reserved or outgoing personality, your levels of time and energy, your mental health.


I'm Susan Mar

And I’ve been practicing the art of Attracting & Enchanting my people with every piece of visual communication design I’ve created since the 6th grade. *smiles*

In case that wasn’t good enough of a reason for you to believe my quirky ideas; my “magic bag of Pixie Dust” is carrying around: a Bachelor’s in Advertising with e speciality in Graphic Design, a Masters Degree in Digital Design and 15+ years of experience working as a Web & Interactive Graphic Designer.

By what I can only explain as destiny, I managed to become an ‘accidental’ Influencer {*laughs*}, with an on-growing Instagram account of 30K+ Kindred Spirits {even after taking the longest breaks! }.

And I’ve had the unbelievable honor of being two times, hand-picked and featured by Instagram.

I basically can’t exist without some form of creativity running through my veins. 

So if there is one thing I’ve proven over and over again everytime I ask myself: 

How can I Attract & Enchant my people?

The answer always boils down to:

Give them a memorable experience

The answer always boils down to:

Give them a memorable experience


This is where "The Spellbinding Potion" comes into play, to help you:

Define key elements to create aesthetically pleasing, balanced, and on point Instagram Stories—that will help you Attract & Enchant your people.

Wondering how can you apply "The Spellbinding Potion" to your Instagram Stories?

Before you go

Next Steps?


Don’t forget to tag @by.susan.mar
Can’t wait to see what you create! 

The Why

PART 1 | The Story Behind

I know this is something I’ve been instinctively putting into practice since I was in the 6th grade when I figured I could make tiny handmade “box-cards” with gifts hiding inside for my friends to make them happy— before my 12 yr old self could even understand, what I was actually doing…

The How

PART 2 | Apply to your Instagram Stories

I believe we all have a natural born storyteller inside of us waiting to be awoken, we sometimes just need *that* right outlet or idea to make sense to us to ‘spark’ it.

So you, my Leading Lady, definitely can create Insta-Stories that Attract & Enchant your people using “The Spellbinding Potion”.

All you need is…


I’m putting on my Graphic-Designer’s-hat and years of experience to highlight this: defining key elements to create aesthetically pleasing and balanced Instagram Stories will go a long way to attract viewers. Something you can build upon once you get the hang of it and apply it not only to Instagram Stories but to photography and every visual communication/graphic composition you need to create.

“The Spellbinding Potion” essence is a very basic understanding on how the human eye receives and process information in a more relaxed and pleasing way. Basically, so your content is more liked. As simple as that.

At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel

At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel

—Maya Angelou

Did something speak to you?

My hope is for you to read this, take what speaks to you and make it—you.

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